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12 weeks of engagement and learning journey

A global vision of a process for productivity improvement, legal structure, innovation, and technology integration.

A global 97 countries business network, partner with World Leader Summit and Coinnovateventures accelerator

Pitch Days

Tips: Keep your pitch deck between 10-15 slides and don’t include the deal terms within. You should give that separately to investors.

Time & Effort investment

360° community and support

Mentoring  sessions, and additional material for reference

A global or local community of young enthusiastic teams, mentors & evaluators

Global and local experts.

Corporate Contacts

Who is eligible for entrepreneursface ?

Anyone who have an business idea, wants to nurture and grow

Only individuals who have enrolled into and successfully completed ‘entrepreneursface training’


59% of the pitch decks showcased customer logos

31% showcased testimonies

27% showcased case studies

10% showed their pipeline.

Courses across Asia, Europe, Australia Latin America, Africa/MENA regions can apply to participate in entrepreneursface . Participant with a commercially viable idea/venture which gets top certification by an independent global jury.

Individuals who are enrolled in ‘entrepreneursface training’ courses at their respective institutes will be enrolled automatically without applying.

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Details about EF Program

Phase 1

Week 1 – 4
  • Sharpen your problem pitch
  • Customer and Markets
  • Sustainable Differentiation Strategy

Phase 2

Week 5 – 7
MVP / Product
  • Business Model and Testing
  • Minimum Viable Product

Phase 3

Week 8 – 10
Business Plan
  • Sustainable Business Plan
  • Go to market Strategy
  • Branding Positioning

Phase 4

Week 10- 12
  • Managing HR, Process, Operations
  • Targeting Scale
  • Funding Strategy

EF Benefits

EF benefits include resources like case study based sessions, and access to networks like CEO, CMO, CIO, CBDO, faculty, alumni, mentors, startup initiatives, grants, incubators, and investors, market connect, product and tenders.


Venture Launch in 12 Weeks


Access to Incubators / Accelerators


Validated Investor Pitch endorsed through a Global Jury


Pitching Opportunities to potential Investors


Global Community – Asia, Africa, USA, Australia, Europe


Access to Industry Mentors


E Certificate


Social Media Branding

EF Approach


Learning by Doing


In person and online Learning


Marketing and Sales Methodology


‘Practice Venture’ launch


Fortnightly Entrepreneur Sessions


Internships and Corporate Challenges


Global Community Building

Investor Roundtable

EF Beneficiaries Speak

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