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Our process

The entire Programme is split into 3 stages, based on the current development phase of the startup company.

We couch our startups to advance from an idea phase to a working solution with a feasible business plan. This razor-sharp focus allows us to provide a launchpad into the startup ecosystem for student entrepreneurs.

Proof of Idea

Goal: Reach Product/Solution fit

Research your problem area and your value proposition. Validate your business assumptions and start developing a potential solution to a problem worth solving.

Proof of Concept

Goal: Develop a working MVP

Build a minimum viable product of your idea to start aquiring customers. Improve the solution based on customer insight and prepare the product for a beta launch.

Proof of Business

Prepare for the next investment rounds

Improve your pitch deck with lessons learned, and seek further funding from our investor network. We will continue to offer advice and represent your best interests.

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