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Aderogba Otunla; I am a community manager, tech enthusiast, teacher and an information technology & systems professional, focused on tech products and services from Google, others and self-developed solutions aimed at business process improvements to achieve maximum or additional efficiency and effectiveness. With over 10 years in the academia juggling both academic and administrative roles, I have worked as a coordinator, instructor, programmer, administrator, financial secretary (community service), mentor, committee member, volunteer support for SMEs e.t.c. I have broad range of progressive experiences focused on growth and impact specifically.

They call me workaholic, very detailed and goal-oriented. Well, I believe in the principle of “cause and effect”, at least if you spend quality time training yourself – It will show on the field of play. The academia gave me access to lots of people and with various community roles. So, my problem-solving skills has been equipped along real problems that affect businesses, and of-course the feedback from the business owners will let you know how qualitative your services has been overtime.

I am an avid learner, and continuous education & skill development is one of my greatest assets, this actually re-assures me that I can’t be disrupted anytime soon (Lol). Apart from my degrees & certificates in Accounting – Nigeria, Information Technology – UK, Information Systems – UK, Disruptive Strategy – USA, I have also enrolled for my Doctoral degree (PhD in Information Systems – Hawaii, USA).

My thoughts around difficult challenges and problems (which I learn from greatly – actually my best training tool), is that “if I cannot solve it, then I just discovered my limit” – but to say this gently “I have no limits archived!” – I always ensure I stick to them until I conquer them, because all growths are hidden in limits – So for me, its a puzzle and once its solved, I literally believe I have gotten access to the next level.

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