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Anurag Kanti a Marine Engineer by training, an Entrepreneur by nature and a Social Thinker, Anurag, rising to the position Chief Engineer, left his merchant navy career after 15 years in 1995.
Anurag Kanti then moved ashore working at senior corporate positions in manufacturing, power and IT sectors, and eventually running his own companies in Animation, eLearning, Software and Media Production.
With an experience of four (4) start-ups, Anurag is now facilitating entrepreneurs and social enterprises in identifying and implementing scalable, sustainable, high impact interventions in solving pressing challenges and helping create the ecosystem for the institution building. An Out-of-the-box thinker and change-agent having innate entrepreneurial leadership qualities within startup or enterprise environments and a demonstrated high degree of adaptability in multiple sectors, Anurag mentors and advises a variety of startups & social enterprises as an idea synthesizer and innovation conductor leading to strategic & tactical planning and investment & funding options, drawing upon his sector-agnostic outlook.
He is also the visionary and founder of INDIA Redefined which has evolved into a PLATFORM, functioning like a System Integrator helping grassroots NGOs and volunteers.
Anurag has been a speaker on various public forums and seminars on topics ranging from Engineering, Applied Innovation & Entrepreneurship to CSR and is associated as a Director with SAP-InnovatioNext i360 Labs helping establish a network of industry 4.0 innovation labs in academia & industry to promote collaborative innovations.

My primary engagement in recent times has been –

(a) advising and mentoring startups and social enterprises (directly and through incubators & accelerators) and

(b) creating a network of Industry 4.0 ready Innovation Labs for academic institutions and the industry 

I have been a practitioner of “applied innovation” for social impact coupled with self-sustainable growth for social enterprises and other startups. With an experience of four (4) startups, I advise and mentor early-stage entrepreneurs and social enterprises (in sectors like, but not limited to, digital education, digital health, platforms & aggregators, skill development etc.) by identifying and implementing scalable, sustainable, high-impact interventions for solving pressing development challenges and helping to create a relevant ecosystem for the institution building.

Having transcended from a specialist role to that of a cross-sectoral & cross-functional professional with an ability to connect two unrelated concepts and technology, I provide an independent perspective to craft innovative solutions. My area of interest includes Business Strategy & Program Design/ Business Modeling, Technology Identification & Assessment, both in the startup scenario and social sector (including CSR).

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