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Shiva Balivada Principal Partner at HALF ROSE
Currently on three things….
One … Along with Dave from Boston, we are getting ready to launch our first FTS plant in USA to convert any plastic to marine fuel… It serves two purposes… Reduction of plastic waste and generation of sulphur less ready marine fuel good to go with IMO regulations from January 2020. A big by product is help to marine life. Which is most important
Two …. Creating world’s first programmable LED TEXT shirt… This is heraldibg the Express Yourself for many requirements To help the water purification for bottom of the pyramid. We are introducing an award winning product in to developing countries.. Where the product can be placed in a water tank and for two years no electricity, no maintenance, one can get bacteria free water to drink…
All three noble causes…
One for Fish Two for ease of communication… Especially in group
Three for people at bottom of the pyramid
A Close Contact from USA commented ..
The first and third sound really good and will provide great progress towards global sustainability goals.
As Principal Partner at Half Rose (, consulting in Rapid and Sustainable Revenue Growth for US Markets also we
take world-class technology product companies to Rapid U.S. Market Entry with
• DBOT Model (Design, Build, Operate and Transfer over 12-18 months)
• Rapid Go-to-Market & Early Reference Sales
• Turnkey Sales and Marketing Management
• Major Accounts Acquisition Program
• Targeted Channel Development Programs
As Co-Founder of NanoLandGlobal, he is the Financial Creative tasked with turning the many nanotechnology business models into real revenue for the company.
He is popularly called “Father of Nanotechnology Applications in India” for his pioneering work in this area.
As CEO of NanoBIG he has brought in models for NaaS acceptance.
He was a part of India’s First Online System in 1982, India’s First Software India Team in to Comdex in 1987 heralding the Great Software outsourcing revolution, India’s First CASE tool for Software developers, India’s First Wi-Fi phone, India’s First VoIP product range, India’s First WiMAX Base station and India’s First Nanotechnology based Surface Protection Applications in wide ranging areas
He has worked in USA worked with clients like Auto Zone, Xerox, Bank One, Home Depot, Delta, Johnson & Johnson and First USA. During his tenure in USA he was Associate Vice President, Atlantic Coast of North America, MphasiS, Country Head, North America, Duncan InfoTech and Vice President, North America, BPL Systems.
Half Rose
Principal Partner July 2017 – Present Atlanta / Bangalore
Rapid U.S. Market Entry with Sustainable Revenue Growth Half Rose works exclusively with good B2B technology products looking for expansion into the U.S. market to leverage their unique differentiation and Half Rose’s unique market development capabilities in building rapid market entry and long-term sustainable revenue growth.
• DBOT Model (Design, Build, Operate and Transfer over 12-18 months)
• Rapid Go-to-Market & Early Reference Sales
• Turnkey Sales and Marketing Management
• Major Accounts Acquisition Program
• Targeted Channel Development Programs
Half Rose’s Pay-As-You-Grow approach is a DBOT (design, build, operate, transfer) model that streamlines time-to-revenues, lowers the total market investment, & effectively transitions a fully functioning US subsidiary within 12-18 months.
• Develop initial US go-to-market planning and create turn-key US sales & marketing presence
• Drive US revenues and acquire major accounts for 1st 12-18 months
• Build highly scalable growth model for transition back to company for long term, sustainable growth
• Pay as you GROW model designed to lower market entry costs, ensure greater accountability, and drive long term company valuation Please feel free to contact me at to explore the various opportunities
November 2016 – Present
Rolling Hills Estates, CA, USA and Bangalore, India
Nanotechnology has the potential to transform our lives in much the same way as electricity or the internet already has. It will affect almost every aspect of our lives – from the medicines we use, the source of power for our computers, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the buildings we live in and the clothes we wear.
More importantly, for every area where we can imagine an impact, there will be others no one has ever thought of – New capabilities, New products and New markets
nanoBIG provides Nanotechnology Consulting Services through the team of Talented well-trained Nanotechnology Knowledge Engineers Please have a look at the links below to get a better understanding of our technology: some application videos on coating on glass and carpet
Facilities Care, Auto Care, Fabric Care, Aqua Care and Heath Care are various domain areas we address with our pool of Talented well-trained Nanotechnology Engineers.
As an EXAMPLE for Facilities CARE, We provide our Nanotechnology Consultants to work with your teams in your organization.
1. Training of Facilities Management professionals in Nanotechnology …. JUST TWO DAYS with Hands-on practice
2. Localization of Applications to SUIT the FM organization needs
3. Help in procurement as required
NanoLandGlobal Co-Founder
January 2009 – Present
NanoLandGlobal is a vendor-neutral nanotechnology company. We propose improvements to organizations, where we are able to advise on adoption of nanotechnology solutions that demonstrate clear value in reducing operational costs, identifying new services, improving quality, enhancing safety, productivity, innovation, energy efficiency, process automation, problem solving, etc.
We keep business simple, are focused, commercially and strategically astute, transparent, ethical, and believe in delivering compelling value for our clients.
NanoLandGlobal is the pioneer in creating this Global Reach program. We have channels in over 30 countries, with over 35 manufacturers from 10 countries giving us over 150 product groups with 1000s of potential applications.
He has vast Industry experience and always willing to help startups.

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