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Vanessa Mbamarah is a strong communicator, digital Consultant, web designer, author and philanthropistwith an enthusiasm for empowerment, creativity and digital technology.She is proactive, with a great sense of responsibility for self, her immediate environment, and passionate about helping businesses bridge the knowledge gap and leverage digital for visibility and growth.

She is the Founder and Creative Lead at Ztallion, a Creative Digital Agency

focused on creating experiences and transforming brands to compete in a Digital Age, by delivering unique, impactful, creative and strategic solutions.

From moving to Cotonou as an orphaned single mom, she has applied her personal life principle, which is to “Build Regardless” of life’s challenges to become the women she is today. She is currently a Google success story, a Google Training partner on the Google Digital Skills program representing Francophone Africa, the Manager for Google Business Group Cotonou, and the Womenwill Lead, all community focused on helping young people and businesses understand how to maximize the use of the internet and digital tools to improve their skills and grow their businesses.

With a strong passion for women development, she mentors and works with women in her local community to help them build self-esteem and inspire them to build for themselves, by sharing her stories through local workshops and conferences.

On the other hand, she has a deep passion for transfer of knowledge and empowering others. She runs theZtallion Academy – a platform designed for young entrepreneurs and business professionals who are ready to improve their skills and advance in their careers.

As a philanthropist, she is the Founder/President of Ztallion Foundation – a non-profit Humanitarian Organization that is dedicated to reaching out and showing love to street and orphaned kids in Cotonou, Benin. She currently partners with local schools for less privileged kids to provide free digital trainings to these kids to help prepare them for the future and give them a go at becoming employable in the future.

Her story and passion for helping others build for themselves has led her to be featured on Google, the Guardian and ORTB, TEDx, JCI and Social Media Week.

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